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A/N: Flamemon/Takuya narrates a bit in this chapter so "..." is him narrating.

                                                                         Captive by GOTCEMyraFox

Chapter 5: Life Essence.

…...Flash Back...

Flamemon is curled up with his tail wrapped around him, sound asleep within a pillar of bright blue fire, somewhere deep within a underground cave so he could not be found.

"But it was not to rest was soon disturbed."

Flamemon's ear twitched but the Digimon continued to sleep. His ear twitched again...and again... and again, this time he opened one of his emerald green eyes but his sight was blurred. He blinked a few times and his sight cleared a little but not by much, though it was enough to see shadowed figures moving in the distance. A shout was heard and something coming towards him could be seen, something that could- he jumped out of the way of the attack before it could hit him, landing on all fours and allowing his instincts to take over. He growled, he snarled, he even hissed menacingly, but nothing would deter the invaders as more shouts could be heard and attacks came flying his way. All he could do was dodge the bombardment of attacks, he was not yet strong enough to produce a single flame in the palm of his hand, let alone attack back.

He noticed one of the attacks too late and it hit him square in the chest. Flamemon yowled in pain as he was sent flying into the back wall, leaving a indentation as he fell to the fall. He got back up on shaky arms and legs but it was only to fall back down the moment he did.

The pillar of fire flickered out, the light and the crackling sound it produced faded away leaving only the sound of evil snickering and glowing red eyes for Flamemon to see and hear before going unconscious.

"I was still to weak and I couldn't fight I was taken from my place of resting."

…...End of Flash Back...

"Before we go any further there's something you all should know." informed Seraphimon

"Everything in this world if made up of data, from the land to the digimon that inhabit it." added Cherubimon.

"And everything has it's own fractal code. Even you as of when you first entered this world." finished Ophanimon. This information was more for the Kanbara family sake as to not feel lost.

"Fractal code?" asked Kaorki.

Zoe turned to him and held out her hand, letting her fractal code appear much to the family's surprise. "This is what they are talking about. If a digimon's fractal code was taken by another digimon, they would essentially be killed and turned back to digi-eggs." that got shocked looks from the Kanbara's.

"Touch it." Everyone looked to Takuya who had just spoken. "Try and touch it." Zoe seemed wary and every time her finger was near enough to touch the code she pulled back. Everyone but the three Angles was getting a bad feeling as to where this was going. A sad smile came to the flame digimon's features.

Zoe sighed and bowed her head in defeat, allowing the code to disappear. "I can't."

"It's fine Z. There was something in the back of your subconscious telling you not to touch it right?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Cause while the fractal of the land and building can be jumbled up to protect it from being scanned, as we have proven at the Autumn Leaf Fair, the fractal code of a sentient being should NOT be tampered with." Takuya looked away. "It is their life essence after all..."

…..Flash Back...

The flame digimon is lying on a cold metal table in the middle of a dark room, strapped down by metal bars over his writs, abdomen and ankles. The single ring of fractal code that was spinning around him glowed brightly, providing some light in that part of the room where the digimon lay.

His ear twitched at the sound of computer engines and tapping of keyboard as he came to. His sight and hearing was clear but his mind was still dazed so he couldn't quite comprehend the situation he was in. He took note that his fractal code was visible when it shouldn't be. He tried to sit up but horror and fear filled him when he found that couldn't, and his mind cleared up. He looked over himself, his fear increasing when he found that he was strapped down. Flamemon struggled against the binds but soon stopped, panting hard. He was still too weak, there was nothing he could do to escape.

"Sir, he's awake." came a young but mature male voice.

Flamemon looked beyond the light his fractal code provided and into the shadows. He saw a few computers at the other end of the room, the screens not providing enough light to identify the digimon – if that's what they were- sitting at them.

"Good. Proceed." came a much deeper and more darker sound voice.

The sound of foot steps caught his attention and a figure made out of some sort of black mist with glowing red eyes came into view. He growled, baring his fangs, in an attempted to scare off the figure but it only grinned and clamped some sort of high tech ring around his fractal code before disappearing back into the shadows. The flame digimon's fear increased more when the ring was clamped around his fractal code, he knew it couldn't be anything good. And he was right.

After a few seconds of typing from the creature at the computers the device turned on, a couple lights on it glowing green. The centre of the ring gained a green laser all around, leaving his fractal code with no choice but to flow throw it, as a result making Flamemon groan loudly in pain through gritted teeth.

A few minuets passed and one of the creatures spoke up to it's boss who was still hidden in the shadows.

"Sir, it is unclear whether this will work or not. The subject's fractal code is unique."

"Well of course it is. Now proceed! We'll just make adjustments so that it will work."

Flamemon could of sworn he could hear the grin that was most likely plastered on the big bosses face. Though he didn't have time to think about it when he yowled out in agony as the ring's light and laser turned red.

"They were trying to corrupt my data, force something into it that didn't belong. And most likely have me become their slave. With each day that went by they came a little closer to succeeding, but fortunately or unfortunately patients was not their strong point..."

The boss slammed his fist down onto the top of one of the computer, angry with the little progress that his workers have made.

"Why haven't you made any progress?! it has been weeks since we started and this is the results I get!?" The boss almost yelled, anger lacing his voice.

"S-sir, we're working as fast as we can." stammered one of the creatures.

"If we do anything drastic, we'll lose him." said another.

The boss growled as he glared over at the flamemon who was panting hard, eyes less than half way open, and barely conscious.

"I'll show you drastic..." He growled through gritted teeth and stomped over the the rookie level digimon.

Flamemon's eyes flickered to the being coming closer to him, his sight was blurred so he couldn't make out whether or not it was one of the creatures or a digimon. But something told him that he was far worse than the creatures that had been torturing him up till now. His eyes flickered back to the far wall, whatever this new being was going to do to him was surely going to kill him, which he would welcome with open arms. Death was far better than this. Perhaps then he could join his nine beloved friends in eternal bliss.

As if reading his thoughts the boss grinned evilly and cupped the flame digimon's cheek, softly rubbing his thumb back and forth. "Oh, don't worry. I wont kill you," He let go of the digimon's cheek and frowned, taking off the ring around the digimon's fractal code and throwing it aside. "Yet."

He roughly took a hold of the digimon's fractal code, halting it in it's non-stop spinning, also making Flamemon gasp in pain, eyes widening and back arching. The boss grinned and began to pull making Flamemon yowl in pain. He released the strain but didn't let go as the rookie level digimon lay flat again the table, panting harder than before. The being's grin grew wider and he yanked on the part of the fractal code he was holding, making it break away with the sound of breaking glass. Flamemon's back arched as far as it could as the digimon yowled in pure agony. But a scream just as intense could be heard as well and the piece of fractal code in the being's hand turned into a ornament of human type armour.

Surprised by the revelation but somewhat happy of the out come his actions have made, the boss smirked at the extremely weakened digimon and repeated what he had done, just this time a roar of agony could be heard over the yowl instead of a scream and the piece of fractal code turned into a ornament of beast type armour.

But before any more could be done, one of the walls exploded, making the boss drop the two ornaments so he could shield his face from all the rubble that had been sent flying. Once the dust had cleared enough for him to see who the intruder -or in this case intruders- was, he quickly got out of there before they could see him; completely forgetting about the armour ornaments.

Hearing the sound of three digimon running closer to him, Flamemon glanced to them. Even though his sight was blurred and darkening, he could tell who they were just by the warm and safe presence they gave off, which brought a smile of pure joy to his face and tears to his eyes. Next thing he knew was that he was being lifted off the cold, hard metal table and carried out of the room.

But the ornaments, the bits of his fractal code, they were still there on the floor.

"...wait..." He rasped. The three stopped. Flamemon shakily lifted his hand and pointed. "...a-armour...spl-it...ev-evolutions..." After that he allowed the blackness in his sight to consume it and his let his body go limb, having no more strength to stay conscious.

                                                           Captive by GOTCEMyraFox

Chapter 4: Second Son!

"Who are the Celestial Angles?" asked Yuriko as they all followed Takuya.

"The three Celstial Angles are the ones who rule over this world." Answered Koichi.

"There's Lord Seraphimon, Lord Cherubimon, and Lady Ophanimon." said Tommy.

"Who you have already met, going by the what you told me about that day." added Takuya.

The family paused in their step for a second, surprised that they had met one of this worlds rulers without realising it.

"So where are we going now?" asked Shinya.

"Lord Seraphimon's castle within the Forest Kingdom just up ahead. Speaking of Lord Seraphimon; how is he Bokomon? Is he still calling you his pap-mum?" Takuya said.

"My boy is doing quite well as are the other two. In fact all three of them are getting along quite well now that there is no interference from Lucemon." Bokomon spat the name like it was poisonousness. "And yes he still calls me his papa-mum." The little white digimon answered.

Takuya smiled. "It is good to here that all three are doing well."

The five chosen frowned. "You're stalling Takuya." growled Koji.

Takuya shivered, not because of Koji but because of what he had to explain. "I know I said I would explain on the way..." Takuya wrapped an arm around himself. "But... I don't think I could do it on my own. I don't remember much as it is, but what I do remember..." he shivered again. " I wish it had been left forgotten." The tremble in his voice had shocked everyone single one of them. What's happened that has shaken Takuya up so much?

"Could you at least tell us how your a digimon?" asked Bokomon. "The last time we knew, the spirits were with the Angles"

"I'm a digimon because I was born one." Takuya answered.

"I'm confused. Isn't Takuya a human, Bokomon?" Neemon asked.

"I'm just as confused as you are, Neemon." answered Bokomon.

"How 'bout a name?" asked Koji.

"Huh?" Takuya asked as he looked over shoulder to his best friend.

"Well it's obvious that your name ain't Takuya."

The fire digimon chuckled. " It's Flamemon."

"I'm taking that the reason why you were in the real world is connected to what will be explained once we get to Seraphimon's castle?" questioned Zoe. She received a nod. "Ok, so why didn't you split yourself like the other ancient digimon?"

"It has been centuries since then, even I do not remember as to why myself. But I'm beginning to wish I had..."

"Don't say that!" Exclaimed Yuriko making everyone look to her. She walked over to the fire digimon and knelt down in front of him, pulling him into a hug. "If you had then we wouldn't have gained a second son."

Flamemon just stared straight ahead, shocked by Yuriko's words.

"Yeah, and who knows where we would be with someone else as our leader." added Tommy.

"And I don't think I would have a best friend quite like you." Koji added with a rare smile.

Flamemon continued to stare for a moment longer before tears came to his eyes and he smile, returning Yuriko's hug and burring his face into the crook of her neck. "Thank you, all of you." he said loud enough for them all to hear. He pulled back and whipped away his tears. "Now lets get going, I'm sure the Angles know we are here."

"Lead the way...Takuya." Koji smirked.

Takuya smirked back and began to lead the way again. The group walked for a couple more hours in a much more comfortable mood and it wasn't long before they arrived at the crystal palace the was Lord Seraphimon's Castle. The Kanbara family stared in awe as they passed through the gates only to be stopped when a wizard digmon appeared in front of them in a defensive stance, not noticing the Legendary Warriors.

"State your business!" demanded the wizard digimon. Takuya stepped forwards making the Digimon focus go him. The wizard's eyes widened. "Yo-you're back! Then that would mean..." he trailed off.

"Yes Sorcerermon, I have remembered. And surely you would have at least let the Legendary Warriors through." said with a smile as he gestured to them.

Sorcerermon quickly got down on one knee much to the family of three's surprise. "Forgive my rudeness." he stood up. "Come, I'll take you straight to the Angles." And so they followed Sorcerermon into the castle.

"Why did he bow to Takuya?" Shinya whispered to Tommy.

"Takuya is one of the first ten digimon. So the younger generations hold a lot of respect for him." Tommy answered.

"That would make sense." commented Haorki.

It wasn't long before the entered a large room. In the centre stood two angles and a rabbit? The two angles were wearing armour, the male having ten golden wings while the female had eight, while the rabbit didn't wear any armour, leaving his natural pale pink and white fur to be seen by all.

"My Lords, Milady, we have guests." said Sorcerermon as he, yet again, got down on one knee.

The three digimon smiled. "Thank you Sorcerermon." the male angle nodded. The wizard digimon nodded back and was gone in a flash of light. "It is great to see you again young Warriors."

"Like wise Lord Seraphimon." replied Zoe with a bow.

"Come now, there's no need for such pleasantries. We are all friends here." said the rabbit, surprising the family of three with how deep his voice sounded.

"If you say so Cherubimon." said Tommy with a quick bow.

"We trust that you are all doing well?" asked the female angle, who the Kanbara's can comfirm was the woman that had visited them a year and a half ago.

"We are fine Ophanimon, though a little confused as to what's going." Koji gestured to Takuya.

"It is good to have you back, and with your memories I see." said Ophanimon with a nod to Takuya.

"As it is good to be back, though some of my memories I wish was left forgotten." Takuya sighed as he made his way to stand beside the three Angles. He looked up to them. "They wish to know what really happened after Lucemon's first defeat. But," he looked to the floor. "I can't explain it on my own."

Seraphimon knelt down and place a reassuring hand on Takuya's shoulder. "We understand. Most digimon would not be brave enough to remember the events let alone retell them should they have gone through what you did."

Takuya looked to him and smiled. "Thank you."

Seraphimon stood up again and, although you couldn't see it, he smiled down to the rookie level digimon.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" asked Cherubimon, making sure one last time.

Takuya nodded. "If I don't tell them now, I don't think I'll ever be able to tell them. They have a right to know, espically the Kanbara family seeing how they looked after me while I recovered from..." he swallowed hard and wrapped an arm around himself again. "Those experiments..." Takuya flinched when he heard the horror filled gasps. He turned to them and looked them in the eyes, knowing that there was no going back. "Like I said before, I don't know why I didn't split myself into two spirits like the other Ancient Digimon, but after the fight with Lucemon I was reduced to my rookie form; the form you see before you. I was only barely holding onto this form, so I went into hiding to rest and recover my strength..."

                                                             Captive by GOTCEMyraFox

Chapter 3: Welcome to the Digital World!

Takuya could practically feel Koji frown. "Ok, something must be up if you have to use my full name."

Takuya sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Yeah. Look could you please tell Koichi and J.P to meet up at Shibuya train station. I'll tell Zoe and Tommy."

It was Koji's turn to sigh. "Alright. At the elevator I take it?"

"Yeah, better yet go down it."

"Takuya, we have tried many time to-"

"Koji, please, just trust me on this one."

Koji sighed again. "Alright..But you better explain what's going on when we get there Kanbara!"

Takuya smiled. "I will. Thanks Koji, see ya there." with that the line was cut.

Takuya repeated the call another two times before they all headed to the train station. Once there they went down a particular elevator and came out into a round underground train terminal with a single train parked at one of the platforms. The other three Kanbara's continued to stare in awe as the followed Takuya down the steps and to the train.

"Get on. Once the others are here, we'll be heading off." Takuya said.

"Don't we need a ticket?" asked Haorki.

Takuya shook his head. "Not where we're heading."

Shinya shrugged and hopped on, the two adults following him while Takuya stayed and waited for his friends. As he stood there with his eyes closed, waiting for his friends he could feel the energy of his home flowing through the tunnel, luring him, telling him to come back. It took all his might to stay put and wait.

"I-it can't be..." he heard Zoe say and five pairs of foot steps coming closer.

"Well believe it Z." he said as he looked to them.

"Wow, you're here first for once." said Tommy with a grin.

Takuya smiled and chuckled. "Come on, do you want to go back or not?" he said gesturing to the train.

They didn't need to be told twice and they all hoped on, Takuya following. They paused though when they saw the other three people already on board. Koji whirled around to face his friend as the train began its trip, Takuya was now leaning on the door that lead to the next carriage.

"Ok Takuya, what is going on? Why are they- no offence-" Koji quickly sot over his shoulder. " here. They're not even DigiDestined."

"Digi what now?" asked Yuriko.

"Chosen people- normally children- that are picked by the Digital World are known as DigiDestined. These chosen are picked when the Digital World is in danger and is in need of an outside force to help combat the evil that has befallen it." Takuya explained to the Kanbara's much to his friends shock.

"The Digital World? Is that where we're going?" asked Haorki.

Takuya simply nodded.

"Is that where you're from?" asked Shinya tilting his head to the side.

Another nod.

"Wait!? From?" asked Zoe as she turned to Takuya. Said boy sighed.

"That's what I wanted to talk to you all about." he took a deep breath and let his human disguise wash away in a bright light, leaving the creature the Kanbara's had taken into their care a year and a half ago, looking much better now then back then.

Takuya chuckled nervously as his friends continued to stare at him in disbelief. His chuckling stopped and a whimper escaped him when he lowered his head, looking at the floor. Why was he acting so nervous and cowardly in front of these humans when he could easily take them out if he had to? Wait! What was he thinking? He couldn't do that, they were his friends, his family. Curse these memories and emotions! Both digimon and human!

"You're... a digimon?" asked Tommy in disbelief.

The digimon nodded.

"When were you planing on telling us?" asked Koichi.

Takuya looked them I the eyes. "I had only just remembered a minuet before I had called you all."

"Remembered?" asked J.P.

Takuya sighed. "Lets start from the beginning, as not to confuse the Kanbara family." he turned his attention to the family of three. "As Tommy said, I'm a Digimon. A Digital Monster as it is short for. Digimon and the Digital World were created due to your advancement in technology and now co-exists along side Earth in it's own dimension." Takuya paused to allow the information to sink in.

"You make your home sound as if its peaceful and care free. I can't wait to see it." Complimented Yuriko

Takuya smiled. "It is as of recently. Peace and tranquillity is upon my home in a golden area, more so now thanks to these children." he nodded to Koji and the others " It was thanks to their bravery to take up the mantle of Legendary Warriors that they were able to stop an old evil from rising once again." Takuya said with such wisdom it shocked everyone. But he soon frowned. "But such peace did not exist to begin with. Human type digimon and beast type digimon fought in a period of racism. And as such it lead to a war..." and so the digimon began to explain the war between the two types of digimon and how it was quelled by an angle only for him to soon become corrupt with power. He explained how he along with nine other rose up and fought the fallen angle. By the time he had finished they had arrived at Flame Terminal. They all got off, The kanbara's gasping at their surroundings.

"Welcome to the Digital World." said Takuya before walking up to the engine of the train. "Thanks for the lift Worm."

"Don't mention it." said the train or Trailmon. "I, as I am sure the Great Angles will be, are glad to have you back. If you are in need of transportation, do not hesitate to call." Worm said before leaving. Takuya turned and made his back to the others, the Kanbara family staring stunned.

"Was that...?" Haorki trailed off.

"A digimon? Yes. A Trailmon to be more pacific." answered Takuya.

"Ok back to the topic before." said Zoe. "With what we have been told and with what you have told us matches up till end. We have always been told that ALL TEN ancient digimon used the rest of their strength to split themselves into two spirits after the battle with Lucemon."

"With who you're claiming to be; it doesn't add up, it doesn't make sense." said J.P

"Well perhaps I can enlighten you on your dilemma." the six kids and two adult turned around to see a small white digimon with a pink belt and a mustard coloured rabbit looking one with red pants. "Now if you care to explain what the problem is." the white one said with a smile.

"BOKOMON! NEEMON!" the five chosen exclaimed and they rushed to their old friends to greet them as Takuya walked up to the Kanbara family who hung back to watch the exchange.

"so who are they?" asked Shinya.

"The white one is Bokomon, the mustard one is Neemon. They were our guides, I guess you could say, when we were here the first time."

"They were a big help during our first adventure here. We would have been lost with out them." said Zoe as she and the other children with the two digimon came over.

"I am Bokomon, Keeper of the Book." Bokomon introduced himself to the Kanbara famaily when he saw them, pulling out a book from his belt as he did so.

"And I'm Neemon, keeper of my pants." Neemon introduced, making the the family chuckle.

"I'm Yuriko Kanbara and this my husband Haorki and my youngest son Shinya." Yuriko introduced each of them.

"Oh my, you're Takuya's family! It is such a great honour to meet you." Bokomon said giving several quick bows. "Speaking of the boy, where is he?"

All eyes landed on the flame digimon. "What, don't you recognise me Bokomon?" Takuya grinned.

Bokomon studied the digimon before him, his eyes travelling up and down the digimon before landing on the belt buckle and going wide. "Takuya?" The digimon nodded. "But how..."

"That's what we would like to know." said Koji, sending a slight glare at the digimon.

Takuya sighed. "I'll explain on the way." he said as he turned and headed towards a forest of in the distance. "I'm sure the three Celestial Angles are eager to hear of my safe return."

Kanbara or Not?
ok here is chapter 3

Captive by GOTCEMyraFox
ok so here is a scene out of my recent fanfic; Kanbara or not?

i tried an new way of shading and a new way of outlining on Flamemon.

i'm actuall quite happy with how this has turned out, not so much with the 'high tech ring' that is around his fractal code. i got lazy there. it was the last thing i had to do in this pic and i wanted to get it done. otherwise, all in all, i am happy with how this has turned out.

as for the fractal code, i downloaded a brush set made by

here is a link to the brush set i downloaded. Digimon Frontier Digicode Brush Set by NelaNequin
                                                                           Flamemon by GOTCEMyraFox

Chapter two: No Way!

A/N: hi everyone, this is just basically a disclaimer, I kinda forgot to do it in the first chapter ^^;

so yeah, i don't own digimon.

enjoy. =)


Yuriko was in the kitchen doing the washing up with Haorki drying up and putting the things away, their son, Shinya, was at the dinning table drawing. It was raining quite heavily outside which almost drowned out the sound of knock on their font door. All three wonder who it could be and why they would come and visit them in this weather.

The mother stopped what she was doing, dried her hands and went to the door. She didn't know what was more surprising when she opened the door. The fact that the woman looked to be dressed in a cosplay of some sort or the fact that she, along with the unconscious child in her arms who also looked liked he was in some weird cosplay, were not only soaked to the bone but also looked like they had just come out of one heck of a beating, the child more so.

The woman was dressed in aqua coloured armour, the helmet coming down to cover her eyes, and had eight golden wings. While the child had tan skin, a pointed black nose, strange white markings under his eyes and on his chest, black markings on his upper arms and on top of his feet,his feet having three toes with long bright red claws. His finger nails were sharpened into claw like fashion, his hair was like a wild orange mane with two horns that seemed to be cut popping out from underneath, he also had a tail the looked as if it was made of fire. he wore red baggy pants that were held up by a black belt, the buckle of which had the symbol of fire engraved on it in red. Two red bands of fabric wrapped over his shoulders and under under his armpits, bright red bracelets were on his ankles,he also wore metal gauntlet like gloves. And to top it all off, golden loop earrings hung from his pointed ears.

"Sorry for the intrusion." the woman said.

"Oh, my... Please come in, you must be exhausted." Yuriko said stepping aside for the woman to come in. "Honey, Shinya, go get some towels for our guests." she called out as the woman stepped in.

As the two boys came into the hallway to go to the cupboard to get the towels, their sight landed on their guests which made them stop and stare.

"It isn't polite to stare..." Yuriko hissed at the two most important boys in her life.

"We'll be back with those towels in a moment" Haorki said as he dragged his son away, his sight lingering on their guests before completely turning around and disappearing around a corner.

"Sorry about them." Yuriko apologised as they entered the lounge.

The woman chuckled. "It's quite alright."

"Are you two going to be ok? Perhaps I should call a doctor?" the mother suggested as she made her way over to the phone.

"We're fine. There won't be any need for that." reassured the woman.

"You sure?" asked Haorki as he entered the lounge with his son, a couple towels in their hands.

The woman nodded. "We shall be fine." she answered as Shinya laid the towels he was holding on the couch. Once she had gotten permission she sat down, gently laying the child in her arms on he lap.

"Why are you both in cosplay?" asked Shinya.

The woman smiled. "These are no costumes child. This is how we naturally look."

"I don't mean to be rude but how is that your natural look?" asked Yuriko.

"Believe it or not, but we are actually from a different world."

An awkward silence fell for a moment, the family of three trying to comprehend what the woman had just told them.

"Ok, say that we did believe you, what are you two doing here in this world?" asked Haorki sceptically.

The woman sighed sadly. "To hide this little one." she answered looking down to the child on her lap and ran a hand through his hair.

"Hide him? Why?" asked Yuriko, having heard the sadness in the woman's voice.

"He is rare, one of a kind and quite powerful when at full strength." the woman sighed once again. " The evil where we come from is after him so that they can become more powerful to take over our home. They'll do anything to try and corrupt him so that they can have him at their side. But if they can't do that then they'll try to kill him," that earned gasps from the family. "They even had him at one one point... but I along with two others were able to rescue him. We immediately decided to hide him somewhere they won't think of looking. The evil does not know this but our home depends on his survival."

"Oh my..." Yuriko gasped.

"And you wish to hide him here with us?" asked Haorki, getting a nod from the woman.

"Why us? Why not some other family?" asked Shinya.

"Because I know that you'll look after him with great care." the woman replied with a smile.

"Of course we will!"exclaimed Yuriko.

"Hold up sweaty, how are we supposed to hide him if that's how he naturally looks? He'll stick out like a sore thumb" pointed out Haorki.

"I am able to give him a disguise so that he'll blend in." answered the woman.

The woman held her hand above the child's head and it began to glow white. As she moved her hand down over the child, a boy with brown hair that was slightly spiky was left in the child's place. The boy wore a yellow shirt with a red short sleeve jacket over the top, a pair grey three quarter pants, red and orange sneakers, olive green gloves with a matching coloured cap on his head that was on backwards, and a pair of square framed goggles rested on his forehead. The transformation left the family of three stunned.

"But wont he freak out when he wakes up?" asked Shinya.

The woman shook her head. "As much as I hated to do so, I have suppressed his memories and placed ones of him growing up with you all as his family." she gently moved the boy to the couch and stood up, looking to the two adults. "I will forever be grateful for you help." she said with a bow then made her way to the front door, the family of three following. She turned to them. "Note that his stay will not be permanent; one day his memories will come back and on that day we will meet again. Till then take care of yourselves and Takuya." with that she walked away down the street never to be seen again.

"Cool! I just gained a big brother!" Shinya said after a moment."

…...End of Flashback...

Takuya stared wide eyed at his 'family', trying to proses the story he had been told. "A-and when was this?" he asked still shocked.

"About a year and a half ago." answered Haorki.

Takuya gasped. He has only spent a year and a half with them instead of twelve and a half!

"So...a-all my memories...a-are fake...?" Takuya stammered, trying tot comprehend what has been revealed and not freak out. "My memory of when mum came home from the hospital with Shinya in her arms...that's fake? My first day at primary school...that's...that's-ARG!" Takuya cried out and clutched his head as immense pain hit and images flashed before his eyes, some more pleasant than others.

"Takuya!" exclaimed Yuriko. She got up and went to his side. "Takuya what's happening?" she asked but got not reply. After a few tense moments Takuya moaned and his body went slack, almost falling out of his chair if it hadn't been for Yuriko catching him and allowing him to get his strength back.

"No way..." Takuya breathed.

"What's the matter?" asked Haorki.

"Nothing," Takuya answered as he sat up. "I've just remembered who I am," Takuya frowned. "Though there are some memories that I wish was left forgotten." he shivered as he got up and made his way over to the phone.

"So you going to tell us who you really are?" asked Shinya.

"I will, shortly. But to save me from having to explain it twice, we're going to meet up with my friends." he answered as he picked up the phone, dialled a number and waited for the person to pick up.

"You mean Tommy and the others you hang out with?"

Takuya nodded to Shinya's question. Just then the person picked up.

"What do you want hot head?"

Takuya frowned. "Well hello to you too, Koji Minamoto."


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