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Bonding Time by GOTCEMyraFox
Bonding Time
"Where could that little minx gotten off to now?" Shadow growled as he wondered through the forest that surrounded the Freedom Fighter's base.

The date was the 6th of May, so Shadow knew that their youngest fox member would be withdrawn and not really willing to be around others today. But out right run away and not leave any indication that she had left! Getting everyone on the base at the time out looking for her! sometimes Shadow wondered why they were raising her instead handing her over to an orphanage.

A glimpse of black, blue  and white caught his eye and he walked over to a nearby tree. he peeked around behind it and found the young fox with her knees pulled up to her chest, arms wrapped around them and her head buried in her knees, crying her eyes out.

"You know you have everyone looking for you, Myra." Shadow said softly, making Myra jump a bit but she didn't look up.

"Go away!" Myra said.

"Only if you come with me." Shadow replied with a smirk as he leaned against the tree.

"Leave me alone!" Myra growled.

"If you wanted to be left alone, why didn't you stay in your room?" Shadow asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Like i have to tell you!" she grumbled angrily.

Shadow sighed and pushed off the tree. "Come on Myra, it's time to head back."  he started back the way he came but after the first three steps he noticed that Myra wasn't following. Shadow turned to her with a frown. "Myra, it's time to go." she remained silent and still. "Myra..." Shadow warned.

"I'm not going!" Myra replied.

"I'll drag you back if I have to." Shadow growled.

Myra leaped out from behind the tree and stood with er feet shoulder width apart and her hands clenched into fists, tears still flowing down her cheeks. "You can't make me! YOU ARE NOT MY DAD!!!"

Shadow's frown disappeared and he gave a small smile as he knelt down and took her wrist in a gentle hold and looked her right in the eyes. "No, but i am your brother."

The anger in her eyes disappeared instantly and a moment later Myra had thrown herself onto Shadow, burying her face into the crook of his neck as she cried harder.

Shadow hugged Myra for a few moments before picking her up and carrying her back to the base.


so, yeah.
this is a glimpse into myra's past as she growing up with the freadom fighters. she's around 10 in this pick, give or take a few years. Myra didn't always wear the purple and yellow dress and boots, in this she's wearing a dark blue singlet top, dark green shorts (though you can't see them) and black sneakers (again, cant' see them.)

Myra tends to bring out shadow's softer side though he tries to hide it when he is around other with her (And fails most of the time).

i'm pretty happy with how Shadow and Myra have turned out (espiecally Myra, 'cause this first time i have done a younger version of her). it's been a while since i last drew Shadow so i hope he looks ok.

this was also first time i actually drew tears, or a character crying in general... hope it looks good.

the background was something i just quickly put together. plus first time putting a blur on the background to draw focus on the character, i think it works....

anyways this took about three to four days to do, using SAI GIMP and, first time using all three for one pick....

hope you all like it.

i do not own Shadow, he belongs to sonic team.
Mega Lucario by GOTCEMyraFox
Mega Lucario
this was a request my friend wanted me to do. i had fun doing this.

i do not own Mega lucario.

there will hopefully be a speed paint up on my youtube channle of this soon.…


siobhan sturmey
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
well i like drawing dragons but i'm not that good at the moment but i soon hope to be as good as some of the pictures in some of your galleries and i'll put some of my work up so people can see them and give me some tips on how to improve them.


the pics in the prints are NOT for sale, they were place there by accident and i can't find a way to remove them.


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and thank you to all those who donate in advance.

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