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Zara's New Life cover by GOTCEMyraFox
Zara's New Life cover
finally got around to doing a cover for Zara's New Life, though this wasn't intended to be a cover at first. i was just mucking around in SAI and then this came to mind.

hope you like it.

p.s her collar is NOT gold.

Zara (c) of me

Chapter 17: Beautiful wondering.

I was on top of the hill where mother and I used to spend time together. It gave a good view of the base.

The main part of the base is two different heights. The human half was the hight of one of their homes; single level of course. Whereas the Autobot side of the base is much taller; got to allow Prime to walk around with ease.

Off to the left of the base is another building tall enough for the Autobots to move around freely. That's the Autobot training room. There is a 'hall' connecting it to the main part of the base, though certain part of the walls have sliding doors installed so the humans can move their machines around.

The clang of metal on metal or metal on concrete could be heard from within the training room, along with the occasional faint curse. I chuckled at that. SunStreaker and SideSwipe are sparing in there at the moment.

Behind the training room is the firing range (the humans have one on the right side of the base), which at the moment is being occupied by IronHide and Chormia getting in some target practice.

As for the others, well, Prime is in the computer room, in the main part of the base, with Prowl monitoring Teletran-1.

Elita-1 and Arcee is out on patrol in one half of the city, while RedAlert and HotRod patrol the other half.

Skidz and MudFlap are in the common room chilling out.

BumbleBee is with Sam and most likely Michaela as well.

Ratchet is in the med bay going over supplies. Though there is probably no need considering that the Cons haven't attacked since....well.... the day they off lined mother's pod....

I looked beyond the base, a few miles away where dusts clouds rose up. That's the track. The Autobots use it to hone their diving abilities on all sorts of different surfaces. I sighed, already knowing who was up there, most likely finishing their last lap; SkyWing. She spends most of her spare time up there these days ever since mother fled the base because of that Galloway person.

I looked to the sky. It's hard to believe that it has been six years already.

Even knowing I'm not old enough to start training just yet, I guess you could say I have made my own place amongst the Autobot ranks. A guard dog as the humans would say. Ever since mother left I spent most of my time wondering the base boundaries keeping a look out for mother for when she returns. Prime has taught me what to keep an eye for and what to alert him of.

I watch as Arcee, Elita-1, RedAlert, and HotRod return from their patrol and Chromia, SkyWing, Skidz and Mudflap take over. From what I have heard, it's a half an hour drive to the city from here doing the speed limit. So there is a whole hour where the city is left unguarded. Well, except the part where BumbleBee resides in most of the time, but he can't guard the whole city by himself.

At least Skidz and MudFlap remembered to go this time.

Aurora to Prime. I commed as I watch the four who just returned transform and stretch. Must be a pain to stay in ault form for a couple of hours.

This is Prime. Go ahead Aurora. Optimus replied.

Arcee, Elita-1, Hotrod and RedAlert have all returned from patrol. Chromia, SkyWing, Skidz and MudFlap have just left. As scheduled.

Skidz and MudFlap too? Optimus asked shocked.

I chuckle. Yes even them surprisingly.

I guess your message finally got through to them.

I turn to the forest behind me, marking one of the boundaries of the base as I reply. Only time will tell grampa-

I see something move in the foliage, I narrow my optics and zoom in but there's nothing there. What ever it was, was already gone. I sigh and allow my optic to go back to normal.

It couldn't have been.....could it?

Aurora? Is everything alright? Optimus asks.

I- I think I just saw......

saw what Aurora?

I think I just saw mother.

...............................StarKnight's POV...............................

it's been six years since I woke up in that cave, which is now my den. When I had woken up I had claimed that cave and the land around that mountain as my own, expanding my territory little by little over the years.

It wasn't long before my territory had reached the outskirts of a human settlement, a city I believe. Don't ask me how I know the words 'human' and 'city', because even I don't know. Anyway, if I didn't wan to be discovered I had to expand in a different direction. Which soon lead me to another human settlement just this one was different. It wasn't a city. No, this place gave off the sense of war and secrets. I soon found out why.

Some of their vehicles weren't vehicles at all. They were robots, living machines, sentient beings from a different planet. When I first found out about this I had to suppress a roar. I had come across these being before, just those ones were more vicious looking and had red eyes. But just because these ones looked and acted different doesn't mean I was going to let my guard down. The last time I came across these being, the ones with the red eye, it got a bit hectic. I wouldn't have gotten away if they hadn't destroyed the collar around my neck. It was getting a bit tight anyway.

So I kept a closeeye on these robots but what shocked me the most was what appeared to be the youngest member. She (so I believed) was like me to a degree. A reptilian like body structure with the addition of wings.

Every time I have come near this place since I had first saw her, I have always found her on top of that hill, watching over the settlement as if guarding it. But I can sense another reason for her doing it, she seems to be waiting for something or someone.

She turned this way, I quickly turned invisible; a handy little trick I learnt and perfected over the years. Confident that she didn't see me I wondered back into the forest, making sure that I was deep enough before letting my invisibility drop. As I walked through the forest, heading back to my den, I wondered why that little one intrigue me so. Was it because she is the only other being that I have seen that is like me? Or is it because I feel like she is linked to my past somehow? To my life prior to these past six years?

I take to the sky when I deem it was safe to and head home, reaching it in not time. I land and walk in. Seeing a scorch mark on the floor I walk over to it, firing a fireball at it when close enough and laid down on the now warm stone, facing the entrance.

Perhaps I'll have a little chat with the youngling tomorrow.

With that thought in mind I fell asleep as the sun set beyond the horizon.

...........................Aurora's P.O.V...............................

I was up on top of the hill yet again, watching as the afternoon patrol returned and the evening patrol take over.

The sunset tonight was beautiful. Bright orange lined the horizon before fading into pink, then purple, and finally navy blue where a few stars could be seen; and I briefly wondered what Cybertron was like back in the glory days. I deleted that thought from my processor. While I have the appearance of a Cybertronain, I was created here on Earth. Ok maybe not this Earth, but Earth nonetheless.

Aurora to Prime. I commed.

This is Prime. Go ahead Aurora. Optimus replied.

Afternoon patrol has retuned and Evening patrol has departed.

Thanks for letting me know Aurora. Are you going to be staying out there for a bit longer?

Yes. I think I might. There's a beautiful sunset tonight.

Alright Aurora. Just don't stay out too long, ok?

I won't.

Good. Prime out.

Aurora out. I sighed as the conversation ended and looked to the sunset.

Beautiful ain't it?” a voice spoke after a moment of silence. It was one of the newer recruits who had joined the military about a year ago.

Yes it is.” I reply not looking away from the sunset.

Silence fell again as we continued to watch the sunset, comfortable in each other's presence.

If you don't mind me asking, but what was your mother like?” she asked.

She had heard about my mother, just whenever we spoke about her we always referred to her as an Autobot and used her Autobot designation. And it wasn't long before she found out that StarKnight was my mother.

I was surprised by the question at first but soon sighed sadly. “Mama was a valued ally and member of this pod. She was kind, always looking out for everyone whether they be Human or Cybertronian. She might not have noticed but the others sure did, throughout her time here she had shown the qualities of a leader. From what I have heard, she was going to be promoted to second in command.”

My company was shocked. “No offence or anything, but why not SkyWing or any of the others?”

I shrugged. “I don't know. Anyway Mama has been through a lot of trials and she has the scars to prove it, both physical and non physical. She has a will that cannot be broken, the 'cons have tried. And she is very protective about the ones she love.”

My company looks at me a bit longer before looking back to the sunset a bit saddened. “From what you have said, she sounds a lot like an old friend of mine.”

Is your friend the reason you're here?”

Yeah, she is......” she trailed off sadly.

Mind if I ask what happened to her?” I asked as I looked to her. She kept quiet, not once glancing at me as tears welled up in the corners of her eyes. “Sorry....” I whispered as I looked away.

Don't be. It wasn't your fault.” with that she left.

I sighed yet again and looked over my shoulder to the forest that marked the boundary. Something moved within the shadows. Something long and purple with a white tip. My eyes widened; no, it couldn't have been. Could it? I don't know why but I ran after it, ignoring Prowls commands to come back; I'm in so much trouble when I get back.

I cautiously walked through the forest, the shadows making it feel eerie; a dark and dangerous place that no young sparkling, such as myself, should venture. I soon come to a small clearing with no signs of where to go next, no glimpses of purple and white, nothing. I sighed dejectedly and was about to head back to the base when.....

Who are you?”

I paused in step, optics going wide. I would recognise that voice anywhere, even if it sound more mature. I looked around, happiness filled me, but once I realised that she was using her darkness abilities to stick to the shadows, not wishing to be seen, did her question set in and my happiness faded.

My designation is Aurora.” I answered dejectedly.

...............StarKnight's P.O.V..............................

I was surprised by the young one's sudden sadness, she was happy moment's ago. And as far as I know she had no reason to be sad.

But when she said her name, I hissed in pain and gritted my teeth as blurred images flashed before my closed eyes. An array of colours assaulted my vision, the little one being the only clear being in the images. I took a deep breath once the assault was over and looked back to the youngling, who was looking this way and that with concern in her eyes

Are you ok?” she asked.

I'm fine.” I answered. “But you, you're part of my past, aren't you?”

she smiled, her mood lightening, before nodding vigorously.

My mind was a whirlwind of questions. How was she part of my past? Do I know the others she lives with? If so, then who am I to her and the other? Did I trust them? Why did I trust them if I did? And many more questions came to mind, wizzing about and making me dizzy. Using my shadow abilities I retreated back further into the forest before appearing in a swirl of dark, almost black, purple mist and took to the sky, heading back to my den. As I flew a steady pull at the back of my subconscious grew. I didn't get to walk very far into my den before I could no longer resist the pull and fell to the floor. But that didn't mean I didn't try too. I tried very hard to resist but it was no use, my sight blurred and darkened, and soon I knew no more.

..................Aurora's P.O.V..............................

What were you thinking Aurora?!?”

I flinched. Currently Optimus and I are in his quarters with said mech not very pleased that I had left the base grounds.

The rules and regulation are there for a reason. What if a 'con had found you? Primus knows what they would have done to you!”

over the years every Autobot, Optimus and SkyWing especially, have taken it upon themselves to protect me and raise me in mothers place until the time she returns.

I'm sorry grampa, really.” I apologised. “But I spoke with Mama.”

that made his optics widen. “You spoke with your mother?”

I nodded sadly. “She doesn't remember her past.....”

Sh-she dosen't?”

I shook my head to confirm it. “But I think that just talking to me may have triggered an old memory.” I said after a few moments. “It sounded like she remembered something towards the end.

Optimus sighed. “ Lets just hope you are right.”

.......StarKnight's P.O.V...................

I moaned as I came too. First thing I noticed was the sand all around me, the next thing I noticed was that it was night time, and the third thing I noticed was that I was human. I stood up, a little shakily to begin with, and looked around. I was in a desert, how the heck did I end up in the desert? I soon stopped questioning how I got here and how I became a human when I sensed that I wasn't alone. The wind picked up, blowing sand everywhere and I had to shield my face to stop it from getting into my eyes.

When the wind died down I lowered my arms, what I saw made me go shock still. For right there in front of me stood three pairs of huge metal feet and I could sense that there were more all around me; I was surrounded.

I wanted to run, to get out of there, but I frozen to the spot.

Who are you?” I breathed, a little scared.

You'll know who we are in a moment's time.” one of them answered.

But for now, you must remember your past.” one off to my left spoke.

You must remember who you are.” it was one to my right this time.

My attention was drawn to the one in front of me when he knelt down and, for something so huge, gently placed one of his long metal claw like fingers on my forehead.

All thoughts stopped and I went ridged, eyes widening as images flashed before my vision. It wasn't long before they began to hurt and I let out a soft whimper, but the images kept on coming. The being didn't remove his finger when I eventually fell to my knees, tears running down my cheeks. He didn't remove his finger until I had remembered everything.

I fell forwards onto my chest, eyes barely open as my sight began to darken.

W-why....?” was all I could ask.

The final battle approaches.” They said as one.

And everything went black.

Zara's New Life.
the latest chapter everyone.

Chapter 16: Consumed!

It's been a few days since Optimus and Ratchet save me from my memories. And everyone has made sure I was ok, especially O.P and SkyWing. Those two have not let me out of their sight, if one of those two wasn't with me then the other was.
Speaking of which, I am currently sitting on the couch in my room playing Halo3 on the Xbox 360 with SkyWing sitting on her recharge berth watching, well, watching me. I sighed before pausing the game and turning in my seat, looking to her.

“I'm fine SkyWing,” I said to reassure her.

“Evidence suggest other wise,” SkyWing counted.

I smiled sadly. “I know that you and the others are concerned for me, especially you and Optimus after what happened a few days ago. And I'm grateful for that concern, really I am,” I looked back to the T.V screen.
“But... the pain that came with the loss of my family and best friend will never truly go away. I know that. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one feeling their loss,” I said looking to Aurora who was curled up, recharging on my bed. I looked back to the screen.
“The best thing that I can do for me, for Aurora and for the pod, would be for me to move on. I have a chance to start over, a second chance, so dose Aurora. And I plan to make the most of it,” my hands gripped the controller tighter.
“But I don't plan to let the deaths of my family and friend go un-justified. Nor am I going to let anyone else die if I have a say about it,” my grip on the controller relaxed. “But I'm going have to wait. So for now,” I turned and looked to Skywing. “Could you at least play with me?” I asked, holding up a second controller.

SkyWing stood up, smiled at me and transformed down before activating her holo-form. She walked over and sat down beside me. I passed her the second controller that was already turned on and connected. I save where I was up to in story mode and went back to the main menu. I selected multi player and SkyWing joined in. I chose the game mode Slayer and the map Forge World so it was just me against her. SkyWing chose to go on the purple team and I went with the green team. And soon the game started.

I went around the map, careful to avoid SkyWing, till I found the weapon I was looking for. After picking up the weapon, plus some grenades along the way, I made my way to a great advantage point. There I crouch down and waited for my opponent to come along, checking my raidar for what direction she was coming from, just encase she was closer than I thought and was coming up behind me. And it wasn't long before the enemy came into view.

Like the many other times I have used this strategy it worked. SkyWing came into my line of sight, miles away from where I was and not suspecting anything. I lined up the shot of my sniper rifle, not having to zoom in, and pulled the trigger. The only sign of the bullet was the white streak that it left behind in the air. SkyWing had not time to react, it happened so fast, the bullet went straight through her shield, her helmet and into her head before her character fell to the ground. The perfect head shot. And like that the round was over in one shot.

I suppose that's what happens to you when you play against someone who has played the game for years and has completed it over and over again on the hardest difficulty.

We continued on like this for a couple rounds then we went co-operative in story mode. We played for a couple hours, till it was time for me to go to an assessment training lesson. I packed up the Xbox and went on my way.

I was walking through the halls when I sensed a group of new aura's. They were not military nor Cybertronian. As I got closer I heard Optimus and a couple other auto-bots talking to someone else; someone that sounded awfully familiar. I stopped in my tracks when I rounded the corner into the hanger, for someone I had never expected to turn up (and I hoped to never meet) had showed up.

Everyone stopped talking when I walked in. They all looked at me, our 'visitor' and his guards with surprise and Optimus, Ratchet, IronHide and Elita-1 with concern for what would happen next.

I take it, that the training session is postponed? I commed to IronHide.

For now. He replied.

Prime, might I asked what's going on?” I asked looking up to Prime.

StarKnight, this is Director Galloway-” but before my adoptive father could finish he was cut off.

What is SHE doing here? What is a CIVILIAN doing here?” Galloway demanded.

I stood just a little bit straighter, standing my ground and not letting this playground bully boss me around. “I'm here to fight along side the Auto-bots in the war against the Decpticons.” I stated.

But you aren't part of the military-” I cut him off before he could rant on. My distaste for him growing.

NO, I'm not part of the military. I'm a member of the Auto-bots.” I said proudly. I heard snickering outside and I wasn't the only one to hear it too. We all looked to the hanger door and just outside was Skids and MudFlap picking on some poor new recruit for the military part of this base.

OY, SKIDS, MUDFLAP,” they looked to us. “STOP PICKING ON THE POOR GUY. DID YOU NOT GET THE MEMO? HE'S NEW HERE. LET HIM SETTLE IN! AND BESIDE ARN'T YOU TWO SUPPOSE TO BE ON PATROL?!” And I know your supposed to be. Now get out there before I shock your aft. I glared.

They nodded vigorously before dashing off to do what they were meant to be doing. The new recruit looked at the retreating forms of the twins before looking to me and smiling.

Thanks a lot, StarKnight wasn't it?” he asked.

That's correct.” I nodded.

Thanks for getting them off my back.” and with that he went on his way.

I smiled as the man went on his way before turning my attention back to what is at hand. Galloway.

An Auto-bot aye?” Galloway said walking up to me.

Yes, and StarKinght has proven herself time and time again.-” O.P said but was cut off. Again.

How? By mopping the floors?” Galloway chuckled.

This enraged not only me but the auto-bots as well. I growled and if I was in my dragon form my ears would have been folded back.


We all turned and saw Aurora standing in the entrance to the hanger. Galloway's guards not knowing what to make of her raised their guns. Bad idea. My protective insticts kicked in and seeing how I'm part of three different cultures, they all kicked in at the same time, the Allspark part of me more stronger than the human or dragon part. In fact the Allspark energy kicked in as I ran in front of Aurora, my eyes now an electric blue and a thin light blue glow seemed to out line my body.

Lower your weapons.” I growled. The men just stood there.

I highly suggest that you do as you were asked.” said Ratchet.

Should any harm come to the sparkling,” said Elita-1.

You won't just have the Allspark to deal with.” Stated O.P as he and the other Auto-bots got ready to protect Aurora.

Galloway and his guards shifted under our gaze, he was reluctant at first to give the order but...

Lower your weapons.” he ordered and his guards did. We all relaxed a bit but I still stood in front of my sparkling. Galloway walked over to me and got right into my face but I didn't back down. “I do not see how you have proven yourself just because you are the new vessel for their so called Allspark.” Galloway hissed.

They did not make me one of them just because I'm the Allspark. I have proven myself like Prime has said-” I was going to continue but I was cut off.

Then prove it to me.”

To Galloway I stayed silent but in actual fact I was communicating to my leader.

Father, should I reveal my other form to him? I do not see why I should prove myself to someone outside our pod.

Optimus was a bit surprised that I had actually called him father but then even I had no idea I had said it.

He will not leave you or us alone about this should you not. He replied.

He will never leave us alone full stop. But if you say so.

Well?” asked Galloway.

IronHide,” I called not looking away from Galloway.

Yes StarKnight?”

Training's back on.” I said.

Are you sure?”

Yes.” I called back. “You want me to prove myself, so be it. You can sit in on my assessment but what you think of me stays to yourself.” I turned and picked up my little light and walked over to O.P, not giving Galloway a chance to say otherwise or anything more to me.

I handed Aurora to O.P before turning and walking off to to the Auto-bot training room, turning into my dragon form after a few steps. Should have thought that through better, because no sooner had I transformed I heard guns hitting the floor. I looked over my shoulder and saw Galloway and his guards looking shocked. I smirked and continued on my way but I only got to take one step before Galloway found his voice.

Y...You can change into that...that thing?! That monster!”

Ok, I was hurt, I mean really hurt. I have been called freak before, but never monster. And I am by no means a monster........Am I?

The Auto-bots went rigged after Galloway's comment, they did not like that one bit.

Your parents must have been desperate to adopt a freak, a monster like you!”

My heart clenched at the mention of my creators, they didn't adopt me..........Did they?

Galloway kept going with his insults to not only me but to my previous pod as well. He did not stop at the warning growls the mechs around us gave, he did not stop even at the verbal warning they gave. No, he just kept on ranting and raving on about how screwed up my family was.

I couldn't take it any more, I took off with a powerful flap of my wings, knocking the humans off their feet and on to their butts really hard, and I sped off into the distance as my memories started to consume me. I ignored the calls of my name, both out loud and via com-link, with tears running down my cheeks.

I knew my pain was flooding through my bond with both my father and my daughter, they didn't need to feel my pain, I didn't want them feeling my pain, it wasn't theirs to bare so I closed off the bond I had with them, heck I think I even closed off the com-link.

I didn't know where I was going, I just let my wings take me where they felt like going, I was too lost in my memories to care.

................Optimus Prime PVO...........................

They watched until they could no longer see me, shocked that I had just fled, Optimus and Aurora more so because the bond they shared with me was now closed. Their shock was soon replaced by annoyance and anger which they directed at Galloway who was currently getting up off his big fat ass. Every Auto-bot hands were clenched into fists, except the one holding Aurora who was visibly shaking with outrage.

Just then SkyWing came speeding into the the hanger and skidded to a halt mere inches way from Galloway. Her holo-form appeared in a flurry off bright electric blue sparks and she stormed over to the person who was the cause of all of this, hands clenched in fists.

Now you listen here pal; StarKnight's pod were kind people. They accepted her and her abilities, they even accepted Aurora when she was born! And I'll have you know StarKnight was not adopted and both her parents were human!

And now you have most likely cost us our most valued and respected member of our pod!” and in a flurry of sparks SkyWing's holo-form was gone. SkyWing revved her engine and took off to find me, leaving the humans in a cloud of burning rubber.

“Were?” Galloway said raising an eye brow.

Yes, were,” Galloway looked to my little light who was still in fathers hand. “Grandma, Grampa, uncle Patrick and aunt Anna were all off-lined by the bad bots all because mum is the Allspark. I nearly went with them too.” Aurora whine a little but it was soon turned into a growl. “But then you came along and said all those mean things about our pod when they hadn't even passed a month ago! And now we have lost mama cause of you,!!!!!!!” Aurora let out a roar of anger at Galloway before jumping out of O.P's hand and using the hight advantage to glide some distance down the hall and running the rest of the way back to our room.

If it was your own daughter,” Galloway looked to Optimus. “Who had gifts such as StarKnight, would you throw her out, saying that she was a monster, a freak?” Prime asked but Galloway didn't respond. “I suggest you leave, you and your men are no longer welcome here.”


NOW!” Optimus barked.

And with that Galloway and his men left. Optimus sighed before turning and heading down the hall to the barracks. He enter the room I shared with Aurora and and SkyWing and found my little light curled up on the bed sobbing quietly.

Aurora,” he called out. Her head shot up at hearing her name and saw our leader in the doorway. Optimus knelt down and put his hand out. Aurora jumped off the bed and ran over to him, jumping into his hand. O.P stood up and brought his hand to his chest where his spark was, where Aurora instantly curled up, taking in as much of the sense of warmth, comfort and safety Optimus' spark gave off. O.P walked over and sat down on SkyWing's recharge berth, trying to comfort Aurora in any way possible.

What did you mean before,Aurora” he asked.

Mum was already being consumed by her memories.”

But SkyWing is out there looking her.” O.P tried to reassure my little girl.

Even with everyone out there looking for mum, I have a feeling that this time....we'll be too late.”

.............................Unknown location.........................

StarSream ran through the halls and into the main room where Megatron was sitting on the single chair that acted like a throne. StarScream got down one one knee.

Lord Megatron, I bring good news and some possibly bad new...”

Well... spill it already.” Megatron barked.

Yes of course. The good news is that more recruits should be landing soon.”

that is good news.”

And the Allspark has fled the Auto-bot base.....” StarSream trailed off.

So what's the bad news?”

We... lost her single shortly after she fled.”

Megatron Growled. “Well don't just kneel there, get out there and find her and bring her to me!”

Y-Yes lord Megatron.” and with that StarScream scurried out of the main room.

............................My PVO........................

I had been flying for hours now over mountains and forests, and my wings were getting sore but that was nothing compared to the pain in my heart that my memories brought. Through teary eyes I was able to see that really dark grey clouds were on the horizon , singling that rain was on the way and that I should find shelter till it passed but to be honest I really couldn't care less. But it seemed my wings had other thoughts and I soon found myself in a cave in a mountain side just as the rain began to pour.

I curled up close to the entrance, not caring that when the wind blew it pushed the rain in and hit me. I let out a whimper every now and then as my memories continued to eat away at my hold on reality.

I didn't want this... this pain. Why couldn't it leave me alone? Why did it have to ruin my days and haunt my nights? It hurts to remember but I didn't want to forget either.

But the pain............ it hurts so much...........

I whimpered, knowing I was fighting a loosing battle.

I can't take this any more, just make it stop! The pain... it hurts too much. Please, someone just make it stop.

With an agony filled roar, I let exhaustion take me into the realm of unconsciousness.


I awoke the next day to the morning sunlight shining on y eyes....wait, how did I know it was the next day? My head shot up in an instant and I looked around at my surrounding. Why was I in a cave? I got up and went to the entrance of the cave and what I saw took my breath away. By the ancients the view was beautiful from this hight. Wait one minuet, how did I even get up here?

I took a look around the cave, nope, nothing that could have helped me up.

Then I took a look at myself. I had a reptilain like body with purple and white scales and..... wings?

Ok, what am I? Better yet....

Who the heck am I?

Chapter 15: Nightmares and Warnings.

I watched on helplessly as StarScream smirk at me and open fired upon the house in front of me.

“NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!” I scream, desperately trying to break free of the chains that bound me to the back wall of my prison cell.

I tried everything my powers allowed me to do, even teleporting but nothing worked. I wanted to get to the house which was now rubble, I wanted to get to them, I wanted to know if they were alright. But deep down I knew what the answer was already. StarScream had killed the ones I cared about. I thrashed against my binds, really wanting to get free but I stopped when a sharp metal claw was pressed against my throat.

You couldn’t protect them.” StarScream said, a hint of satisfaction in his voice.

Stop.” I said, not even a whisper. The claw left my throat.

Do you really think that the Autobots are going to accept someone like you?”

Please.” I whimpered.

Someone who can’t even protect her own pod?”

Stop it.” I begged, tears running down my cheek.

A murderer?”

STOP IT PLEASE!” I screamed.

Join us Zara and you’ll become more powerful.”

Never!” I hissed.

The next think I knew , I was lying flat on my back on a concrete slab. Restrained at the wrists and ankles. There were red optics glowing in the darkness as the only light sours seemed to be on me and the faint chanting of “Join us” in the back ground. I stopped looking around when I felt something crawling on my legs. I looked to see what it was and it was the ‘cons spider doc bot but he looked more evil. Fear spread throughout me and I began to breath quicker. The little bot came closer and closer to my face, I tried to break free or at least try and throw off the doc bot.

This, we cannot have.” He said and injected me with something in my thigh which paralysed me but I could still move my head.
The bot moved forwards and stopped on my chest with a needle in his metal hand that had glowing red liquid in it. I turned my head away but it was no use, the doc just turned my head back to him and lifted my chin up. I swallowed hard, breathing quickly through my nose, I was scared, I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. I felt the needle prick my skin at the base of my neck, and as he injected the stuff, it felt like fire was ripping through my veins. I screamed and closed my eyes tightly as I fought off the stuff that was trying to take control. The chanting became louder and it took all my concentration to fight off the red liquid which seemed to be some form of mind control.

I panted heavily as the fire in my veins faded away.

We cannot have that either.” I heard the doc bot say.

I opened my eyes and looked to the bot, my eyes widening in horror when I saw him with another needle filled with the same red stuff as before. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fight off this lot, the first lot was so strong that I only just managed to fight it off.
The bot lifted my chin up again, I closed my eyes, tears rolling down my cheeks, and whimpered. Waiting for the inevitable.

I heard footsteps coming closer and they were getting closer fast, as if someone was running. Then I heard the sound of metal hitting metal and the weight of the doc bot on my chest disappear. I opened my eyes, my heart skipped a beat at what I saw. I don’t know how he got here or if it was even possible for him to be here. But he was. He pride apart the restraints with a crowbar and once he was done he threw it to the side and helped me sit up on the edge of the slab. I looked into his electric blue eyes with shock.

Optimus?” I asked, not above a whisper. I didn’t want to get my hopes up.
Optimus smiled warmly. I leapt into his arms, the paralyser long since worn off, and cried on his chest. Optimus wrapped his arms around me, stroking the back of my head in comfort.

As we stood there the scene before us swirled and changed into something I more preferred. A clear night sky and a cool, calming breeze greeted us as we stood on top of a hill on the base grounds.

Sshh! It’s alright Zara. They won’t hurt you any more. It was just a nightmare.” I heard O.P say.

Now this got my attention. I looked up into his holo-form’s eyes. “But I’m not awake, am I?” I asked. Prime shook his head. “Then … how…?” was all I managed to ask, it just didn’t make sense.

O.P explained everything that happened, what the Allspark had done and how he had to create a bond between us so the Allspark wouldn’t kill me. And that Aurora told them about the bond that I used to have with my family.

She did?” I asked.

Yes. How come you didn’t tell us that you had a bond with your family? Even if it was just one way.”

I looked away and saw that Optimus’ truck just outside the hanger.

I don’t know. I truly and honestly don’t know.” I replied.

All of a sudden I felt tired and I think Prime noticed too, seeing how we now share a bond.

I must go StarKnight.”

No. please don’t go.” I said burying my face into his chest. “I don’t want to go back there.” I started to cry again.

O.P sighed. “I’ll stay till you’re asleep. But you need to rest Zara.” Optimus lifted my chin up so I was looking him in the eyes. Here he seems so…human. “You shouldn’t fight it and you know Ratchet would disapprove too.”

I nodded and the scene changed to my quarters. Optimus lead me over to my bed help me get in. Turns out I was more tired than I thought. And like he said he stayed.

………………..with Optimus…………………

Optimus’ optics flickered back online and Ratchet helped his leader back to his feet.

Well done Prime. You did a good job.” Ratchet praised. But Prime didn’t answer, he just kept looking at me. “Is there something wrong Prime?”

Turns out that recent events aren’t the only thing that are troubling StarKnight. The kidnapping two years ago are still taking its toll on her.” At this Ratchet frowned.

She should be waking soon Prime, do wish to stay till then?”

Unfortunately I cannot but please let me know when she does.”

Will do.”

And with that Optimus left. He went to the computer room to take over from Prowle.

Report.” Prime said as he stepped into the room.

Everything is running smoothly Prime.” Prowle replied. “Although I did receive a call.” Prowle said looking to Prime. “The Director is coming in a week.”

Optimus sighed, he did not need this, not now.

…………………….with me…………………………

When I woke up I was in the med bay but I wasn’t too surprised. I sat up and groaned as a headache started to form.

How you feeling?” I heard Ratchet say. I looked up to him.

Sore.” I managed to say, only now realising how sore my throat was. Ratchet chuckled.

I’m not too surprised after all that screaming you did.” He said before transforming down into the rescue hummer and activating his holo-form. He walked over to a bench, pick up a glass of water and some tablets then came over to me.

Here, these should help.”

I took the tablets he offered and the glass of water. I washed the tablets down with the water and handed the glass back when the water was gone. I smiled to him.

Thank you Ratch. I thanked him through the com-link. I didn’t dare talk till my throat was better. It hurt to talk.

I see your getting better at using the com-link.”

It’s actually not that hard. I replied.

Ratchet chuckled again. “Well you are the Allspark. I wouldn’t be too surprised if that had something to do with how easy it is to control.”

That could be a possibility. Ratchet raised an eyebrow at me. What?

You sounded like Prime just then.”

Looks like he’s wearing off on me already. I joked.

So he has already told you, has he?”

About the bond? Yes.

Why are you using the com-link?”

Sore throat. I deadpanned and crossing my arms over my chest. Thought it might be obvious. Ratchet smiled as silence fell upon us. But after a while he frowned.

You sure you’re alright?” he asked with concern.

Yes, I’m fine Ratch. Just a little sore from what happened.

I meant from the event the other day.”

I looked down. I’m fine.

To feel Aurora’s pain and a bond breaking at the same time…. No bot could go throw that without consequences.”

Well I’m not a Cybertronian.

But you are part Cybertronian.”

My eyes widened, a memory flashed by my eyes

Well the way I see it, you’re part human, part dragon and part Cybertronian.’ I closed my eyes tightly trying to fight back tears from remembering my brothers voice.

Your brother is right you know?” I shot my head up so fast I think I scared Ratchet. I was face to face with Optimus’ holo-form. “For a being to be a part of three different cultures has got to be strong. And to have such a being as an ally, such as yourself, is a great honour.” I just looked at him in shock. O.P had just somehow seen my memory.

How…? Did you just see my memory?

Optimus nodded. “I think we can put it down to the AllSpark’s doing.”

I smiled at Prime and gave him a hug which he returned. Yeah. I guess there is just some things I cannot control with the Allspark. I pulled back from the hug. Thanks for getting me out of that nightmare.

No problem.”

Ratchet walked over to me and placed a hand on my shoulder, effectively gaining my attention.

You should rest StarKnight.” He said gently

But I feel fine. Just a little… I groaned and put a hand to my head as a sudden wave of dizziness hit me. What the… I laid back down as my eyelids started to feel heavy and blackness started to creep into the corners of my vision.

Sorry about that StarKinght. But the lack of recharge you have been getting started to concern me.”

You…knew? I asked tiredly.

Well I was getting suspicious but then Aurora had said that you were having nightmares which confirmed my thoughts. One tablet was for the pain the other is to help you sleep. You shouldn’t have any nightmares.”

I looked at him, crossed that he had practically sedated me. But I guess I couldn’t blame him, he was concerned about me, like everyone else.

Couldn’t you… have… told me? I asked trying to fight the drug.

Ratchet must have known what I was doing. “Zara, don’t fight it.” He scolded.

I glared at him for a moment before giving into the drug that was trying to make me sleep. My eyes slid closed and after a moment past Ratchet knew I was asleep.

Optimus sighed. “Thanks for that Ratchet.” He said rubbing his temples and was about to leave before Ratchet stopped him.

The medic frowned at his leader. “You should get some rest too.”

I’m fine.” O.P protested.

No you are not. Your circuits are running faster than they normally are. You’re stressed and worried. I’m the medic of this faction; I know when the people I work with need to rest.”

O.P sighed once again. “Alright.” And with that his holo-form vanished.

………………….with me……………………

I was standing in the middle of the desert again just this time it was night time. I knew that it could get extremely cold at night in the desert but yet I was not cold one bit, and I was in a pair of shorts with nothing covering my top half except bandages. I knew I had been summoned by the primes again but I don’t see them anywhere, not one.

Primes!” I called out but the only answer I got was a gentle breeze. I knew they weren’t going to show themselves but I could feel their presence. I sighed. “OK, I’m listening.”

It is coming Allspark. You need to prepare. You and the rest of the Autobots need to prepare for it will soon arrive.”

My heart froze, even knowing I didn’t know what was coming, I knew it was going to be big and I knew it was bad. I didn’t have time to respond in any way before I was engulfed in blackness.

I woke up with a start, I was breathing heavily and my hands were gripping the sheet tightly. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves. I knew I had been asleep a long time, minimum of eight hours. Man that tablet works. ‘ok StarKnight, focus.’ I thought to myself. And sure enough there it was, a bad feeling, they were right, something is going to happen, but not for a while. I had time, we had time to do what the Primes said.

I tossed the blankets off of me and hopped out of bed. I knew Ratchet was not going to be happy with me for leaving the med bay without his approval first but I needed to do something. So I walked through the halls till I came to the human training room. There were punching bags, treadmills, weights, excreta, excreta, excreta.

I made my way over to one of the punching bags and started punching it and I put in the occasional kick. I got into a rhythm and repeated this for about twenty minutes before I felt Optimus’ aura coming down the hall. Even over the sound of me punching the bag, I was able to hear him transform into his truck form where the human sized hall started a few meters up from the training room. I could now feel two of his aura, one coming from his truck, which had dulled quite a bit, and one was moving down the hall with more of his aura and I knew straight away that it was his holo-form.

I didn’t stop what I was doing when I felt that Optimus’ holo-form was just on the other side of the door. I heard the door open and the sound of his footsteps as he crossed the room to me. I stopped when he was about two or three ruler lengths away. He came up and hugged me from behind. I turned in his arms and hugged him back.

There’s something bothering you.” It was more of a statement than a question.

I sighed and pulled back from the embrace, looking to the ground. “I was summoned again.”

You were?”

Yeah.” I looked him in the eyes. “Something on the way, something big. Bigger than what any of us have faced before. Well, me at least.”

Can you estimated how big?”

I believe it could determine who wins the war.” Optimus’ eyes widened just a fraction. “But it is not for a while yet.” I added. “We have time to prepare. I have time.” I muttered to myself.

Optimus must have seen I was getting a little worried and needed to get my mind off of things for a little bit so he got into a fighting stance. I looked at him a little confused at first until he sent his intentions to me through the bond we now shared and I smiled gratefully at him, also getting into a fighting stance. O.P made the first move and I blocked it with ease which seemed to surprise Prime just a bit but that was all I needed. I smirked and made a counter attack which had him pinned to the ground in a second. The look on his face, man it was priceless.

I chuckled and offered my hand to help him up which he gratefully took.

What? Did you really think I would just go home and do nothing for the past two years?”

I guess not.” He chuckled.

We both got back into a fighting stances.

After spending all those months with you and the rest of the Autobots, I couldn’t just go back to what my life was like before,” Optimus made the first move again, I blocked and countered but he was ready this time. “After school I went to the local swimming pool for a couple hours. Then I went to the gym for a couple more hours,” Optimus made his move and I dodged. I decided to go a little bit harder on him. “And as soon as I could I signed up for marshal art classes. Within the first six months I was already a black belt.”

Talk about a quick learner.” O.P remarked. I chuckled. We continued to spar as I explained further.

Tell me about it. Anyway, I competed in competitions, became I'm the best in my team and by the end of the year I was way higher than the black belt level. During the time when I wasn’t working out, competing, or training, I went for a gun licence,” Optimus raised an eyebrow in questioning. “Can’t just rely on my powers and fighting skills now can I?”


I was able to get it. I only had it for two months before…” I stopped fighting, stood straight and looked to the ground, tears threatening to roll down my cheeks. Optimus stopped and stood as well. One tear. That’s all it took, one tear. I tried, honestly I tried but after that first one, the flood gates opened up. I collapsed to me knees with my head buried in my hands, not bothering to hold back the sobs that racked my form. I thought I had gotten over it, I thought it was all behind me. But I was wrong.

Optimus came over to me and pulled me into a hug, rubbing gentle circles in my back. It was soothing but it only made me cry harder. No, I can’t deal with this right now. I need to be strong for my pod, I needed… I needed… oh Primus, why can’t these memories just leave me alone?

Optimus could tell that my memories were starting to get the better of me, so he picked me up and quickly took me back to his truck. He placed me in the passenger side before his holo-form disappeared and he drove off down the halls to the med bay.

Why do these memories have to plague me no matter where I go? Why do they have to haunt my nights and not let me get a decent nights rest? Rest. That’s all I want. Just a decent night’s rest, without any nightmares, without being summoned. Just a good night’s recharge.

Before I knew it, I was back in the med bay in the bed I was in before. Even knowing Optimus was sending me comforting and reassuring feelings, I could feel his worry. Worry for losing me in my memories, worry that my mind might break. No, I’ll fight it. It was hard but I managed to get my mind back out of the foggy haze of painful memories just a bit for me to open my eyes and realise that both Ratchet and Optimus had been calling me and had been trying to get me to drink some water.

My mind was still a haze and I could barely hear what they were saying but I took the water and drank some of it before I felt dizzy. Ratchet took the class before I could drop it.

The painful memories faded away to be replace with blackness. I knew straight away what Ratchet had done to me, but this time instead of being angry I was grateful.

A smile graced my lips. “Thank you.” I managed to say before I slipped away into unconsciousness. 


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