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Janine Mason, your common everyday human teen school girl, or that's what she wants you to think. Follow Janine as her biggest and most dangerous secret is revealed, and a race thought to be long since wiped out is discovered.
Possible Story Summary
As the title says, it is a summary for a story i'm thinking about writting. I hope it's good.
Mega Lucario by GOTCEMyraFox
Mega Lucario
this was a request my friend wanted me to do. i had fun doing this.

i do not own Mega lucario.

there will hopefully be a speed paint up on my youtube channle of this soon.…
I wish I could fly. by GOTCEMyraFox
I wish I could fly.
Ok, so this was inspired by a piece i had done in grade 10. What is written here is the exact same as how i had worded it back then but the image(s) are a bit more complex. back then i had done a simple blue and white background with a few birds and trees silhouette and wasn't a comic strip like this.

I had fun drawing this and i ended up experamenting as well with different tools for the shading. the outline was done in Clip Studio Paint AKA Manga Studio and the colouring and shading was done in SAI. this is my first time doing and COMPLETING a comic :happybounce: :D (Big Grin) 

The dragon (Yes, she is a dragon) is standing on a hill or a cliff, not just floating in mid air.

Here is a little bit about her.

For unknown reasons her wings never fully formed before she hatched, leaving the two stumps on her back and thus she is grounded. Even knowing she is more in touch with her element (earth) and her surrounding than most other dragons, there are days where she longs to be able to fly with her fellow dragons. It dose not help that she is picked on by others her own age if not a few years older because they believe she is helpless without her wings. The adults don't do anything about the bullying 'cause they see her a bad omen; especially those of the earth element. The only one to show her any sort of kindness is the earth guardian Terrador.

The bullying only gets worse when she has to school and train under the Guardians guidance along with other kids. it gets to the point that, for her own safety, Terrador has her do her training with him in the afternoon after normal classes are over. Though this doesn't last long before the city is attacked by apes and she abandoned. she puts a fight when surrounded but ultimately she ends up captured.

ok that's all i got so far for her past. as for the reason i have yet to say her name is because i have yet to decide on one. i have chosen three and i could use some help on deciding which one.

Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Kesia
Light Purple Bullet - F2U! Gaea
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Valterra

Are the three choices. the reason i have chosen these three is because of their meanings.

Yellow Dot Bullet - F2U! Earth bound
Light Purple Bullet - F2U! Goddess of earth
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Strong earth

so yeah, i had fun doing this and  hope you all like it. please comment if you fave.
Shard Caster Myra by GOTCEMyraFox
Shard Caster Myra
the other week i found a really cool anime called Kiba and i found it to very interesting and great. i won't explain anything about it because i am terrible at explaining shows. if you want to know what a shard caster is, watch the anime.

a few days ago i thought "Hey, why don't i draw Myra as a Shard Caster!" and this is the end result. i have never done Myra as a human before let alone a shard caster, so i am very pleased with how she has turned out.

the programs i used for this is Manga Studio and Paint Tool SAI


siobhan sturmey
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well i like drawing dragons but i'm not that good at the moment but i soon hope to be as good as some of the pictures in some of your galleries and i'll put some of my work up so people can see them and give me some tips on how to improve them.


the pics in the prints are NOT for sale, they were place there by accident and i can't find a way to remove them.


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i have never had points before, or not enough to do anything with them. i am thinking about getting a membership with them when i have enough. but i don't have any way of buying them. so please you kind people, i would love some donations. i will put what you donate to good use, i promise.

and thank you to all those who donate in advance.

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